Pétition : Sauvez les kangourousdu Queensland's !

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Save Queensland's Kangaroos!

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  Save Queensland's Kangaroos! Every night in the outback thousands of kangaroos graze peacefully, stand up upon hearing an approaching vehicle, stare into a blinding spotlight, and are shot for their meat and skins. Our Aussie icon is now also under threat from a Queensland Government plan to encourage Queenslanders to eat kangaroos. Please help us urge Premier Bligh to put roo protection — not roo meat — on the table. Take Action Now!

Dear C.,

You may have heard the recent good news that Russia has imposed a ban on the import of kangaroo meat, expressing a number of concerns including: ongoing meat contamination, animal cruelty, and the unsustainability of the industry.

Russia's decision comes as a welcome relief to threatened kangaroo populations. Government data shows that Australia-wide kangaroo numbers are down 75% since 2003, with populations well below the accepted 'sustainable ' level in most of the NSW, QLD, and SA commercial kangaroo shooting zones.

Unfortunately this good news from Russia may soon be counteracted by a Queensland Government plan to encourage more Australians to eat our national icon.

Australia holds the disgraceful record of having the largest commercial wildlife slaughter in the world, with around 4 million kangaroos killed each year. Orphaned joeys are amongst those who suffer most. Their fate is to be killed by decapitation or having their heads smashed against a hard object, such as a tow bar.

Please help us urge Premier Anna Bligh to protect roos instead of encouraging Australians to eat them.

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