Pétition : protéger Bristol Bay et sa vie sauvage de l'exploitation minière.

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The fight to save the polar bear heats up right after Labor Day. Help us win.

Act now to protect Bristol Bay wildlife
from mining

Alaska’s polar bears will die off by 2050 unless we take action now.

If the government doesn’t change direction now, the Bush plan to begin hard rock mining in Bristol Bay will go into effect, threatening to pollute the waters and destroy critical habitats for bears, wolves, salmon and eagles. We can’t let this happen!

SGive polar bears their best chance at survival

Dear C.,

We have only a limited opportunity to make an impact -- and 1.1 million acres of Alaskan wilderness to protect from brutal hard rock mining.

That's why I'm asking you to take action right now to urge Bob Abbey, the new Director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), to preserve the Bristol Bay watershed and protect critical habitats for salmon, brown bears, eagles and wolves.

Here's where the urgency comes in! Bob Abbey has just been confirmed by the U.S. Senate. He’s new on the job and looking for ways to make his mark. We have a limited window of opportunity to call his attention to this issue.

Director Abbey needs to hear from you by September 1, so please don't wait.

Bristol Bay and its watershed are extraordinary, largely untouched wilderness in southwest Alaska. The bay is sandwiched between two National Parks and borders a Wilderness Area and a National Wildlife Refuge.

The cold, shallow waters here are home to enormous salmon populations -- critical to the survival of whales, seals, brown bears, eagles and other wildlife, and a part of ancient cultural traditions for native peoples. These waters also support one of the world's largest wild salmon fisheries.

This wilderness has been closed to commercial mining and drilling for more than three decades! But last year, on their way out the door, the Bush Administration issued the first ever resource management plan for the Bristol Bay watershed, which could open up the area to hard rock mining -- including the use of powerful explosives and large industrial drilling equipment.

Please click here to tell new BLM Director Bob Abbey to reject the Bush plan and keep wildlands protections in place. It's crucial that he act now, during his first days in office -- before hard rock mining can begin.

Cordier, we can't allow this deeply flawed plan to proceed. Hard rock mining pollutes water 85 percent of the time. If the waters of Bristol Bay are contaminated by mining the effects could be devastating, transforming the region and affecting the entire food chain.

You can bet Bob Abbey is already hearing from the mining lobbying groups. It's important that he hear from you before he makes a decision!

Click here right now to send a letter to Director Abbey. In 30 seconds you could help protect Bristol Bay from brutal hard rock mining -- and preserve precious habitats for salmon, eagles, brown bears, grizzly bears, wolves and other wildlife.

Thank you for taking action now!

Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council




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