Pétition : aidez les poulets d'Angleterre à avoir de meilleures conditions de vie...

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RSPCA - Quash the Squash

Dear Supporter

The welfare of meat chickens in the UK is under threat as the government considers new EU legislation. We urgently need your help to ensure it makes the right choice for chickens.

Even at current minimum standards, so many chickens are crowded into a shed that each bird has less space than a sheet of A4. It's hard to walk or even flap their wings. But this legislation could allow yet more birds to be squashed in.

Is this how you want the UK to treat its animals? Since the campaign launch four days ago, over 1000 of you have written to the Minister for Animal Welfare, Jim Fitzpatrick MP, urging him to quash the squash and reject this backwards step for chicken welfare. A massive thanks goes out to all those who have already written. If you haven’t yet done so, please take a moment to join us in writing to him, his decision is imminent.


The RSPCA, Compassion in World Farming and WSPA are all campaigning on this issue to prevent a backward step for chicken welfare in England.

Email Jim Fitzpatrick

Thank you

Melanie Andrews
Farm Animals Campaign Manager
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Lily 27/08/2009 10:23

Coucou ma belle,

je passe de moins en moins souvent mais je continue toujours à lire tes articles et à signer les pétitions... encore merci de transmettre tout ça!


Bambou254 27/08/2009 12:21

Merci Lily!! Je n'ai pas trop de temps à moi non plus!!! Trop de travail de de fatigue....