Pétition contre les corridas

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Dear ,

This is Catalonia's infamous blood sport: men on foot or horseback repeatedly stab a trapped, exhausted bull with knives and spears. After twenty minutes, most are dead.

The Prou campaign calls for a modification to Catalonian animal protection law, which currently safeguards all animals except the bulls and horses used in bullfights.

Overwhelming public support has forced the Catalonian Parliament to schedule a vote on removing the excemption. A 'yes' vote in this key region would be a groundbreaking step towards making bullfighting history across Spain.

Make it happen. Support the Catalonian people and say 'enough is enough'!

Take action against bullfighting

Thank you for all you can do to help animals,

Silia Smith
Silia Smith
Regional Director, WSPA Canada

PS. Forward this message on to encourage more people to take action on this issue.

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