Earthlings : le film (Version anglaise)

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Sometimes, a movie comes along that changes everything. EARTHLINGS is one of those movies. It took 6 years for the filmmakers to get all the hidden camera footage of places that most people are never allowed to see — and most animals wish they hadn’t. EARTHLINGS is a multi-award winning film about society’s treatment of animals, narrated by Joaquin Phoenix with soundtrack by Moby — and just for being part of Unleashed, we’ve scored you front row tix!

But be warned: THIS IS NOT A FAIRYTALE. The way animals are raised and killed for food, fashion, research and entertainment is often violent, and shocking. Only if you think you can handle the truth about where meat, eggs, leather — even pets come from, then sit back, and prepare to be amazed...

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“Of all the films I have ever made, this is the one that gets people talking the most. For every one person who sees EARTHLINGS, they will tell three.” — Joaquin Phoenix

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"One of the most violent films of all time ... only it's REAL"








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