Pétition : Dutch government finances (ir)responsible soya : Stop à l'épandage de pesticides

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Stop Pesticide Spraying! Stop Pesticide Spraying!

The Round Table on Responsible Soy (RTRS) is an industry strategy to legitimise and expand the controversial soy production model in Southern countries. They are trying to find a way to present this model as ‘responsible’, whereas even just this week, it was reported from Paraguay that six members of a Mbya Guaraní community died from pesticide poisoning, and one peasant leader was killed in a land conflict with a large scale soy producer and landowner.

During the parliamentary debate in The Hague, some Dutch MPs seriously questioned the transparency of the initiative and described it as ‘greenwashing’, while others questioned the effectiveness of the criteria offered by the RTRS, arguing that they are insufficient for classing soya production as ‘responsible’.

Nonetheless, the Dutch government, through its ministries for Agriculture and for International Cooperation, appears set to continue its financial and political support for the soya industry. This supports allows the further expansion of this soya model through more and more countries in the South. Please write to the Dutch government and ask them to scrap all support for the dubious soya greenwashing initiative.

More information about the RTRS and about the soya model can be found here.

This is a joint action by Grupo de Reflexión Rural, La Soja Mata, Toxic Soy y Salva la Selva






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