Pétition PETA : sauvez les phoques d'Ecosse, arrêtez le tir !

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ccording to the impending Marine (Scotland) Act, salmon farmers will be allowed to kill pregnant and nursing seals during breeding season, leaving their defenceless pups to slowly starve to death.

At a crucial committee debate on the proposed act, Scottish government representatives not only opposed moves to keep the close seasons – which gives seals at least some protection during breeding – but also refused even to support a compromise calling for salmon farmers to try other exclusion methods before resorting to shooting seals.
Scotland's multimillion-pound fishing industry can easily commit some of its revenue to create humane and non-lethal methods to protect fish from the seals.

Based on past records, marine conversation is not very high on the SNP government's to-do list. In fact, despite the rapid decline of fish stocks because of commercial overfishing, the SNP continually lobbies for bigger catch quotas for Scottish fishers.

Please help us save Scotland's seals from a cruel and unnatural death. Urge the Scottish government to ban its barbaric shooting policy and take a stance to protect this globally important seal population.

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