Pétition pour aider les animaux de ferme lors des JO de 2012

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Olympic organisers plan to serve the worst of British, allowing factory farmed chicken and pork at the 2012 Games.

This week the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) published its Food Vision Paper for the 2012 Olympics, saying it is aiming for “the best of British.” Sadly, for millions of chickens and pigs, LOCOG has set Red Tractor as the mandatory baseline standard, permitting them to be farmed in conditions that do not meet their welfare needs.

The Food Vision Paper currently states "X%" as a target for the percentage of RSPCA Freedom Food meat to be served at the Games. Compassion is calling for an Olympics Food Vision that sets specific and leading targets for chicken and pork that is sourced from higher welfare systems.

Thank you to the 3,757 supporters who took action last week prior to the publishing of the Olympic Food Vision paper. Please continue to make your voice heard and tell the Chief Executive of LOCOG that you are disappointed that LOCOG plans to serve the worst of British, allowing factory farmed chicken and pork at the 2012 games.


Send an email to the Chief Executive of LOCOG calling for RSPCA Freedom Food standards to play a leading role in the Olympics Food Vision.

Thank you.

Eloise Shavelar
Campaigns Co-ordinator



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