Pétition : stopper les abus sur les animaux de compagnie dans les refuges du Kentuky

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Les animaux du Kentuky continuent à être tués par les officiers de contrôle des refuges, et les chats envoyés dans les laboratoires....

Kentucky pets continue to be shot by animal control officers at county shelters, and cats sold to laboratories.  This is because the state gave control of county shelters over to county government officials, known as Judge Executives (they are not real judges, but elected business people in the 138 counties in the state, which are mostly rural and poverty stricken). 

The state law enforcers are the local state police, who in turn, answer to local county officials also. So when these officials don't care about the animals, or dont want to spend any funds on them, the shelters are humane disasters,  case in point the Ohio County shelter who many have accused of shooting dogs instead of spending the money on euthanasia injections. See the link below.  Some counties even make money by selling the cat carcasses to labs and colleges, instead of trying to get cats adopted. 

County officials do not care about enforcing state laws because there is no enforcement or consequences if the do not! 

Please sign this petition and tell our Governor Steve Beshear, that this must change and change now!  Currently, the state law allows counties to treat animals inhumanely without consequences.  

This really  is no law at all, and doesn't serve the citizens or their pets best interest.  Kentucky needs a state level Animal Humane Agency to oversee and enforce the humane treatment of our precious animals, and enforce the state laws that exist and create more humane laws that are in line with federal statues.  Also, there are millions of dollars in  Kentucky stimulus money available to start this agency right now.


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